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NFC - Virtual Cards


As one of the true pioneers of “Virtual Card” technology, we have had a lot of experience in developing virtual card solutions that work for all different circumstances. As a consumer, you can receive a virtual card via a mobile device, email, or even SMS message. Depending on if you are using the virtual card online or offline, will dictate the form in which the card is delivered.


PayWith is currently developing Virtual Auto-provisioning Cards to synchronize with ApplePay, AndroidPay, and SamsungPay wallets. Our very unique spin on auto-provisioning gives our cardholders great advantages and significantly simplifies the cardholder experience.

  • Virtual Cards delivered via SMS, PUSH, or EMAIL.

  • Completely seamless auto-provisioning

  • Simply receive and Tap.   

Online Transactions - Available Now

Offline Transactions (2018) 



Merchants can take advantage of PayWith’s powerful “Restricted Area Network” (RAN) cards. In simple terms, we can restrict a card to a specific merchant or even set of merchant terminals. This combined with our auto-provisioning virtual cards, enables our merchants to deliver powerful “Virtual Gifts” right into the hands of any consumer, anywhere.


Virtual Gifts and Promotional Cards are an incredibly powerful way to track any online to offline marketing program for any merchant.

  • Lower cost of distribution

  • Significantly enhanced customer experience

  • 100% trackable and accountable.


Quite possibly the most valuable advertising tool ever developed. Online companies can now close the loop on their online impact to offline (real world) transactions with a technology solution that does not require any infrastructure or changes to any merchant… at all.


We allow online companies to create compelling programs that link to our merchant funded gifts, vouchers and promotional campaigns. These funds are provisioned to a consumer’s mobile device through a unique and proprietary provisioning process that PayWith developed. The result is that an online consumer can click a link online, put in a mobile number, and receive an instantly provisioned mobile card that goes directly into their NFC wallet on their phone and can be used to “Tap and Pay”.


This solution will change the way Google, Facebook, Yelp, Uber and others tap into the value their networks have on real world transactions … globally.

  • Monetize online traffic through offline transaction tracking

  • Offer bricks and mortar business a "Buy Traffic" equivalent of clicks.

  • 100% trackable and accountable

Online Companies


Virtual Cards – Auto provisioned into mobile wallets opens the door to an entirely new world of opportunities.  Peer to peer programs, merchant to consumer programs, employer to consumer programs, online to offline programs... all change dramatically when we move into the world of auto-provisioned virtual cards.


Add to this, the ability to have the virtual card be linked and associated to a dynamic processing engine and you now have a formula with virtually limitless opportunity.

  • Market differentiation

  • Opens the door to numerous new markets

  • Decreases card and card distribution costs

Program Operators
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