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We are working on an exciting new card program designed to better support digital media Influencers and Gig workers. 

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In the world of digital media influencers, the time it takes for an influencer's campaign to reach its full potential for any given product or solution can be a long time. As such, digital influencers often do not receive their payment for the media impact they helped to provide until long after the campaign has completed. This creates a significant delay between when the work is done, and when the influencers get paid. 



PressPay is looking to change that for all digital influcencers. PressPay is an "Instant Payment Card" that provides the influencers with immediate access to their financial compensation as the campaign is still in process. The card is automatically loaded with 3/4ths of the money owed to the influencer every day the campaign runs. The cardholder can have instant access to their funds and PressPay becomes the party that receives the payment at the end of the campaign. 


This innovative solution for influencers is poised to become a market leader in "Instant Payments for GIG based workers". We are excited to see how PressPay evolves its programs.

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