Frequently asked questions

Cap Table & Shareholders

How many shares have been issued?

Paywith has ~56M common shares issued to date.
Paywith has ~14M options and warrants outanding the majority of which are held by team members and management of Paywith.

Who owns the shares?

Don Kirkwood (our Co-founder and Executive Chairman) is the largest shareholder with a fully dilluted position of 28M shares or 38%

David Strebinger (our Co-founder & CEO) is the second largest shareholder with a fully dilluted position of 12M shares or 16%

WeUnify Shareholder Group - (Seed Shareholders) own a collective total of 9M shares or 12%

Morrison Group - (Angel Investment Group) holds 4.6M shares
All other parties (30 in total) hold less than 4% interest in the company and are part of our Angel/Friends/Family/Strategic/Team investors which combined totals ~18M shares issued in total.

Historical Financials

What were your last 3 years of revenues?

How much profit are you generating?

What are the major costs for your business?

Forecast & Plan

What are you projecting for this coming year in Revenue?

What are the major events that need to happen to realize on this forecast?

What happens if those major events are delayed or don't happen at all?

Current Offering

What was the last official share price?

The last official round that Paywith opened up was in mid 2018 for a total investment of $6M USD at an average share price of $0.40 per share. The round was fully subscribed by one party (The Morrision Group).

What is your current open offering to interested investors?


What are the KPI's that you track?

Do you have a KPI report that you can share?

Common Questions

Where and when was the company incorporated?

Paywith Worldwide was incorporated in Delaware, USA in late 2012.

Who owns the company?

The two founders David Strebinger and Don Kirkwood still maintain a controlling interest in Paywith Worldwide Inc. There are 30+ additional shareholders that hold approx. 40% of the business. For details see Cap Table section of FAQ's

What is your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)?

How much did you generate in revenue in the past 12 months?

How do you make money?

Who are your customers?

Who are your competitors?

What makes you unique?

Do you have any patents or defendible IP?

What is your current burn rate?

How much money do you have in the bank?

What is your exit strategy?

How big is your team?

What is your current valuation?

How much are you looking to raise?