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ForU Financial is looking to change financial services and digital banking for good. We have rebuilt the entire banking system architecture to implement a system we call "Network Banking". You an think of it like a "Social Network for your money". 

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Bangor Savings Bank and Paywith were finding that the existing traditional banking architecture and infrastructure was significantly limiting the capabilities. features, benefits and innovation that the companies were looking to implement. So together the teams began to redesign the foundational components of how we architect for the future of financial services. 

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We developed a new type of "All Digital" financial services solution that we call "Network Banking". This allows for us to create far more intelligent, interactive and powerful programs and services for our customers far faster than any traditional banking architecture could support. The first focus of this new Network Banking architecture is to develop a financial services company targeted on the "Family Network". A firm that supports all stages of generational banking with tools and technologies designed to support our families and family members at all stages of life. 


ForU Financial is about providing financial services and solutions that span the entire lifecycle of every generation. It starts by understanding the relationships, connections and family dynamics at play between children, youth, young adults, parents, grandparents and even friends. It leverages the network connections and network banking architecture to help provide additional financial support, education and benefits to all family members and helps unite the power of the entire family into one. 

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