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EML has been a partner of ours on both the issuing and processing side for many years. In 2017 we were tasked with coming up with a new solution to solve an industry wide problem in the "Salary Packaging" industry in Australia... 

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Traditional Salary packaging card programs supported by Banks were not delivering the innovation, mobile features and benefits that salary packaging customers were looking for from their salpac providers. EML wanted to design a new and game changing program that could provide real value to Salary Packaging customers and deliver additional benefits, while simplifying the cardholder's experience. 

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Paywith worked with EML to create a Salary Packaging program that set a new benchmark for how SalPac operates in Australia. This program leveraged a mobile application, a new type of processing engine, and a pre-paid linked to valuable rewards and perks from local merchants to create a card like no other. This card intelligently processes against different salary packaging accounts depending on where a consumer is transacting and automatically awards the consumer with rewards, incentives, points and benefits when they transact. 


EML has successfully become the industry leader in providing Salary Packaging companies in Australia with their EMP powered Salary Packaging cards. EML was able to ramp this program to over 300,000 cardholders over the first 2 years and the program went on to become one of the most successful card programs in EML's portfolio. 

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