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The ultimate card for International students studying abroad. Sidekick is a parent funded and controlled, pre-paid card designed for international students studying in North America. 

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Over 800,000 international students study in North America from foreign countries around the world. In almost all of these cases, managing funds, providing financial support and setting up secure and trustworthy relationships to support these students is a daunting task for the parents of this next generation. 

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Paywith worked with EuroAsia Pay to design a game-changing, cross boarder funding solution that simplifies everything. Sidekick is a pre-paid MasterCard that parents can fund from their home country in real time and in their own native currency. Their children/students receive instant access to funds in Canadian (or US) dollars with specific controls and restrictions for dedicated use for particular budgets. 


The SideKick card is poised to become the number 1 solution for international student related banking, and financial support. SideKick is rolling out in additional geographies and is working directly with many of the largest International Student Agencies and Schools to accelerate card distribution to all international students living in North America. 

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