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A consumer’s PayGraph is like a personalized credit score that the consumer can actually influence via their own actions and behaviors. Unlike previous Credit Scoring solutions, the PayGraph is real time and dynamically changing based on every action or transaction a consumer makes. Lenders connected to our systems can use the PayGraph to set rules for lending and credit lines based on specific PayGraph attributes. Merchants use the PayGraph to enable specific rewards and incentives to go to specific types of individuals based on their PayGraph. As such, consumers get the benefits of seeing more offers, more capital and lending facilities and more perks and benefits, the better they manage their PayGraph.

  • Better Offers 

  • Ability to see and develop their own PayGraph 

  • More lending options at better rates.  

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The PayGraph was developed to be the financial technology equivalent of the Social Graph. Essentially, everything that PayWith is able to track about a users behavior, engagement, locations, devices, spend history, visit history, frequented merchants, offers accepted, etc… is all used to create a unique and powerful “Commerce Persona”. These collection of “Commerce Personas” give us a clear picture of information about all of our accountholders, without ever introducing personally identifiable information into the picture. Using these various attributes, lenders can design their own ranking and scoring systems that add up to a maximum score of 1000. Each lender can rank and score the attributes with their own unique weighting and therefore may have a different score for each unique Paygraph coming back to them. The result is a solution that is real time, relevant and powerful for lenders to use to provide micro-loans and small lines of credit via the PayWith Ecosystem.


  • Powerful, real time lending tools  

  • Access to large audiences of qualified and approved borrowers  

  • Smaller loan value to a much larger audience with simplified processing

  • Speed of borrowing and re-payment

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For program operators, the more funding sources we link to, and the more features we develop that add value for the cardholders of their programs, the more customers they are able to attract and retain and the more transactions those customers make.


In general, every feature PayWith develops is designed to bring maximum value and simplicity to the lives of the cardholders participating with the programs. Because PayWith is white label, all of these features and benefits appear to be being delivered and developed by the card program provider and therefore increasing the power of their brand and program.

  • Increased customer acquisition

  • Increased customer retention

  • Increased differentiation in market

  • Increased PR and Marketing surrounding innovations and features.

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Merchants are interested in making sure that they are targeting their offers and communications to customers that fit a specific profile. For example, a coffee shop knows that they want their offers targeted at individuals who frequent coffee shops, they also want to specifically target the ones that frequent coffee shops more than 3 times per week and spend over $10 per visit.

Using our unique and proprietary PayGraph solution, Merchants can target and segment the exact types of attributes they are looking for and then craft offers and rewards to incentivize those exact types of users to become their customers.

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  • Powerful, real time segmentation tools  

  • Access to large audiences of customers who meet their exact target marketing criteria 

  • 100% accountable and quantifiable marketing  

  • Brilliant reporting and analytics

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Program Operators
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