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Designed to transform the world of loyalty and rewards once and for all. 

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Loyalty and Rewards programs have never been seamlessly integrated into the payments experience. For most loyalty programs, consumers need to sign up, then they need to take specific actions and do specific things to inform the locations that they are a loyal customer. This often includes separately presenting a loyalty card, or punching a card each time they visit, or using a specific code or device to track their visits and spend... 

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LOYL removes ALL the complexity. When you Pay with your LOYL card... everywhere... the card automatically keeps track of every visit and location and intelligently begins to identify the businesses that you personally ARE LOYL. For the top 5 businesses you frequent the most, your points and LOYL cashback rewards are worth 5x more. This means you don't need to sign up, or swipe different cards, or even keep track of how many times you visit or how much you spend... we do that all for you automatically and LOYL provides you with valuable points and rewards that award your LOYALTY to anywhere YOU are a LOYL customer. 


The power of LOYL membership is that you get free rewards, benefits, points and cashback and you don't need to change anything, sign up for anything, or open new accounts or carry new cards. You just pay with LOYL and we work behind the scenes to deliver you more value and benefits from the places you love and frequent most. 

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