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We develop game-changing payment and rewards solutions for Regional and Community focused Banks throughout the United States. 


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Mcards are the world's most advanced mobile wallet enabled digital cards. These cards are controlled and managed entirely by the cardholder and have features no other card can provide. 


Our mRewards platform was designed to allow any merchant, of any size or scale, to participate in points and rewards programs from various card and program providers. The results for merchants is they receive more customers, spending more money, more often. 


Now any employer can provide their employees with a custom branded employee rewards, benefits, payment and reimbursement card. Employees no longer need to fill out expense reports or keep track of their receipts. Employers can control and manage funds for every employee through a very easy to use, customer friendly online interface. 


This platform was designed as the ultimate solution for parental funding. Parents can send funds directly to a childs account and control where, when, and how the funds are used. 

Children receive the "Bursary" into their account with specific controls applied to specific funds. When they transact, parents receive notifications and details of their transaction and which rules or controls were applied. 



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The Paywith Dynamic Processing Engine is the most powerful, flexible and configurable processing platform ever created for card transactions. A single authroization can be processed against multiple accounts simultaneously. 


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