Payment Solutions for Students & Youth

In Canada, Paywith is working with numerous innovators and organizations with their sights set on the student and youth market. We are creating programs designed to excite and engage a younger generation. 

Projects in Canada

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We worked with Tappables to help design and create a wearable, contactless, payment solution for kids to pay with funds controlled by the parents mobile device. This project is bound to change how kids pay for years to come. 

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Sidekick is changing how parents help support their loved one's studying or living abroad. A parental controlled, international payment card that students can use in Canada, while their parents fund and manage the account from abroad. 

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The ultimate mobile wallet enabled digital cards. Changing how cards get distributed, controlled, managed, funded and secured. 


Paywith worked with EuroAsia Pay to create a game-changing solution and platform for foreign students studying in Canada. For more information see:

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Tappable and wearable devices will emerge as the future of payments. Our next generations will not remember nor understand why plastic cards were the preferred form of payment for decades. 

The next generation will be the first generation to experience a new wave of NFC payment solutions on a global basis. 



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Program Management

As your program manager, Paywith CANADA can provide an end to end solution that delivers the ultimate in security, data, analytics, issuing, processing, rewards and fraud controls.


We become your partner for every aspect of running and managing your card program. 

Product ideation & Innovation

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From initial product ideation, right through to product launch, training and support, our team will work with your organization to create a payments program or solution that sets your business apart from the competition.  

Product Dev. & Integration

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Our development team and mobile engineers are experts at creating secure, powerful and compliant mobile applications, mobile wallets, and data and analytics portals customized to your businesses needs. 



The Paywith Dynamic Processing Engine is the most powerful, flexible and configurable processing platform ever created for card transactions. A single authorization can be processed against multiple accounts simultaneously. 




Real time Payment Gateway

Prepaid Funds

Corporate Funds

Points Bank

Merchant Coalition

Merchant Terminal



Traditional Processor

Dynamic Processor


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