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Buoy Local keeps money flowing locally. 

Designed to be the ultimate solution to support our local communities and businesses with loyal patronage and drive additional spending and commerce for local small businesses. 

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Bangor Savings Bank was looking for a solution on how better to serve their local community and their banking customers. They wanted to create a program that would enhance the number of commercial accounts that banked with Bangor at the same time as provide their customers with valuable rewards, perks and benefits that other banks were not able to deliver. 

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Paywith worked with Bangor to design a community rewards program that delivered value to everyone in the ecosystem. Cardholders can use the free "Buoy Local" card to transact at any participating merchant location and earn valuable cashback and points based rewards. Merchants who are participating benefit from a ZERO interchange card product that allows them to communicate, engage and reward their loyal customers.  



The results of the program have been incredible. The community support and local merchant network has grown to over 1900 local merchants in just a few years. In the time that we have been working with Bangor Savings Bank, the bank has moved from a top 100 bank, to the number 2 ranked bank in the US according to the "Forbes - World's Best Banks" report. We are so proud of the team and innovation that Bangor Savings represents. 

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