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mPowering Money

Paywith Worldwide enables banks, brands, enterprises and aspiring fintechs to create highly differentiated card programs designed to become the default card in a consumers mobile wallet.

Our proprietary platform and solutions were built to allow any organization the ability to bring mobile based (Co-brandable) card products to market far faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional banking and card issuing services.

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Consulting & Design

Paywith’s team of expert fintech consultants can help your organization design, architect and implement the ecosystem you need to support your fintech ambitions.

Whether you are wanting to build your own digital bank, or just wanting to design a prepaid card for your employees, Paywith can work with your team to find a fast and effective solution for getting your product to market


Traditional Cards

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Paywith mCards

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Traditional cards we pay with today consist primarily of 3 distinct card types.

1. Prepaid Cards (Gift Cards)
2. Debit/Bank Cards
3. Credit Cards

These cards are limited in the features and benefits they can provide the cardholders due to the limitations imposed by their processing systems.

mCards were designed to remove all the limitations of traditional cards and consolidate the benefits, features and capabilites of all cards into a single “Mobile Powered Card” (mCard) that consumers can use as their default card in their mobile wallet.

Traditional Processing vs. Paywith Processing

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Dynamic Processing

Paywith powered cards inside Mobile Wallets



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Dynamic Processor

Merchant Terminal


Real Time Payment Gateway

Traditional Processor

Merchant Coalition

Points Bank

Corporate Funds

Prepaid Funds

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Traditional Cards Inside Mobile Wallets



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Traditional Processor

Merchant Terminal



Traditional Processing



Features Marketplace

Paywith makes it easy to customize the features linked and associated to an mCard from our marketplace of card enhancement features, capabilities and benefits.

We are constantly adding new features and partners to our marketplace to allow for account holders to access an ever expanding network of features.

Let’s have a look at just a few of the features our marketplace offers account holders.

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